Zmiękczenia – tricky “i”

In Polish language we use zmiękczenia; their purpose is to soften some of the letters by adding „i” after the consonant: bi, chi, ci, dzi, fi, gi, hi, ki, mi, ni, pi, si, wi, zi .

Below we have the examples of different words with their translation followed by the audio with pronunciation of each single word.

Try to repeat all after me and enjoy learning new words! 🙂


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“Nazywać się” = “to be called”

After today’s class you will be able to ask and answer question “what is your name?” in Polish language. Let’s first have a look at conjugation of verb “nazywać się“:

As we can see the core word for verb „nazywać się” is „nazywa”.

To ask someone „what is your name?” in Polish language we would use:

„Jak się nazywasz?” or “Jak masz na imię”?

We can answer to it in three different ways:

Nazywam się…

Mam na imię…


Jestem” as we know from previous classes means „I am”. „Nazywam się” and „Mam na imię” means in English exactly the same which is „My name is…”.

Here is an audio with pronunciation of sentences from the examples below:

A ty? 🙂

Jak się nazywasz?

Kolory = colours

In this class you can find some of the basic colours names in Polish language, their pronunciation and few questions related with the subject f.e. “what is your favourite colour?”.

Enjoy learning it with mypolish4U! 🙂

Q & A:

What colour is it? = Jaki to kolor?

It is….= To jest ….

What is your favorite colour? = Jaki jest twój ulubiony kolor?

My favorite colour is blue. = Mój ulubiony kolor to niebieski.

What colour are your eyes? = Jakiego koloru masz oczy?

I have green eyes. = Mam zielone oczy.

Here are few more common colours names that you can use:

If you want to say that something is colourful you can use the word “kolorowy” f.e colourful painting = kolorowy obraz; colourful butterfly = kolorowy motyl; colourful World = kolorowy Świat.


To practice the names of the colours you can name all the colours on the rainbow below:

How many of them you’ve got right? 😀

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