“Cześć” – Powitania/ “Hello!” – Greetings

Today we will learn how to say “hello” and other greetings used in everyday Polish language.

Let’s get it started! 🙂


Słowniczek – Glossary:

Cześć = Hi/hello

Hej = Hi

Witam/Witaj = Welcome

Dzień dobry = Good morning/ good afternoon

Dobry wieczór = Good evening

Dobranoc = Goodnight

Do widzenia = Goodbye

Do zobaczenia = See you

Do jutra = See you tomorrow

Pa pa = Bye bye

In Poland we are distinguishing formal and unformal language. Formal language is to be used with strangers, our supervisors and elder people. On the other hand, unformal will be used talking with your family, friends or ocassionaly with peers (f.e. if they are not your supervisors/bosses).

That language rule can be broken only if a person would ask you to be called by their name:

Proszę, mów mi Anna…” – Please, call me Anna…”.

“Cześć”, “Hej” and “Pa pa” – are typical for unformal language, we won’t use them in formal conversation.

In formal convesation we would use “Witam”, “Dzień dobry”, “Dobry wieczór”, “Do widzenia”.

Of course, it is not a crime to use “Witaj!” with your friends but it might cause a smile on their faces. That rule is more about putting in life good education and manners. A child wouldn’t say “Cześć” to a teacher beacause it is simply inappropiate 🙂

How would you say “Cześć” in your language?

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How to learn the Polish alphabet easily!

1.Watch the videos with pronunciation, pause the video and repeat the sound of each letter!

2. Make a list of the words with each letter of the Polish alphabet. F.e. “a” – auto, “d” – dom, “z” – zebra (you can use the words that appeared in the videos or other words that you already know).

3. Find similarity! Write down to which sound in your language the sound is similar f.e. “cz” in Polish word “cześć” for English speaker would be like “ch” in the “chocolate”.

4 .Make your letter “memory word”! For each of the letters have one word that is going to be like your reminder when you will forget how the letter sounds. F.e. the word “dom” is going to be always your “memory word” for the letter “d”.

5. Learn all the rules “Remember that” from last post!

6. Make sure to update your list and add new words to it!

Do you have any ideas how to make learning Polish alphabet easier?

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